mardi 25 mars 2008

Bonnie and Clyde

You've read the story of Jesse James
of how he lived and died.
If you're still in need;
of something to read,
here's the story of Bonnie and Clyde.
Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang
I'm sure you all have read.
how they rob and steal;
and those who squeal,
are usually found dying or dead.
There's lots of untruths to these write-ups;
they're not as ruthless as that.
their nature is raw;
they hate all the law,
the stool pidgeons, spotters and rats.
They call them cold-blooded killers
they say they are heartless and mean.
But I say this with pride
that I once knew Clyde,
when he was honest and upright and clean.
But the law fooled around;
kept taking him down,
and locking him up in a cell.
Till he said to me;
"I'll never be free,
so I'll meet a few of them in hell"
The road was so dimly lighted
there were no highway signs to guide.
But they made up their minds;
if all roads were blind,
they wouldn't give up till they died.
The road gets dimmer and dimmer
sometimes you can hardly see.
But it's fight man to man
and do all you can,
for they know they can never be free.
From heart-break some people have suffered
from weariness some people have died.
But take it all in all;
our troubles are small,
till we get like Bonnie and Clyde.
If a policeman is killed in Dallas
and they have no clue or guide.
If they can't find a fiend,
they just wipe their slate clean
and hang it on Bonnie and Clyde.
There's two crimes committed in America
not accredited to the Barrow mob.
They had no hand;
in the kidnap demand,
nor the Kansas City Depot job.
A newsboy once said to his buddy;
"I wish old Clyde would get jumped.
In these awfull hard times;
we'd make a few dimes,
if five or six cops would get bumped"
The police haven't got the report yet
but Clyde called me up today.
He said,"Don't start any fights;
we aren't working nights,
we're joining the NRA."
From Irving to West Dallas viaduct
is known as the Great Divide.
Where the women are kin;
and the men are men,
and they won't "stool" on Bonnie and Clyde.
If they try to act like citizens
and rent them a nice little flat.
About the third night;
they're invited to fight,
by a sub-gun's rat-tat-tat.
They don't think they're too smart or desperate
they know that the law always wins.
They've been shot at before;
but they do not ignore,
that death is the wages of sin.
Some day they'll go down together
they'll bury them side by side.
To few it'll be grief,
to the law a relief
but it's death for Bonnie and Clyde.

dimanche 16 mars 2008

IPod playlist

In my playlist this week:
Rich Girls 3:47 The Virgins
Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head 3:35
Linkin Park - Numb 3:07
Linking Park - What I've Done 3:27
Madonna - Hung Up 3:24
The Pussy Cat Dolls - i dont need a man 3:39
50cent ft. Justin Timberlake - She Wants It (Ayo Technology) 4:34
Solta o Frango 2:15 Bonde do Role Funk
Do it Again (Edit) 3:43 Chemical Brothers CDR Électronique
With You 4:14 Chris Brown Exclusive R&B
2 Step 4:00 Clyde Carson Bay Shit
Hick Chick (Dance Mix) 3:46 Cowboy Troy Black In The Saddle Country
Freaky Gurl Remix 5:05 Gucci Mane, Lil' Kim, & Ludacris Freaky Gurl Remix Hip Hop/Rap Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog 3:09
Same Mistake 5:00 James Blunt All The Lost Souls 1973
3:58 James Blunt All the Lost Souls
You're Beautiful 3:33 James Blunt Back To Bedlam Alternative & Punk
James Blunt - Wiseman 3:43 James Blunt Back To Bedlam Rock
Alright Tonight 3:26 James Blunt
I can't hear the music 3:44 James blunt
You Give Me Something 3:37 James Morrison Unknown
Feedback 3:58 Janet Jackson Pop
I'm Yours 4:18 Jason Mraz Sampler 001 Rock
Tattoo 3:54 Jordin Sparks
Stronger 5:15 Kanye West Graduation Hip-Hop/Rap
Red blooded woman 4:23 Kylie Minogue
Mississippi Queen (132) 2:33
Hey There Delilah 3:53 Plain White T's 5
Beautiful Girls 3:44 Sean Kingston battousai Rap
Me Love 3:24 Sean Kingston
Our Song 3:22 Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Country
Teardrops on My Guitar 3:36 Taylor
Hey Boy Hey Girl 4:50 The Chemical Brothers Singles
the pussycat dolls-buttons 3:46 The Pussycat Dolls
Stripper Friends 3:46 Tila Tequila
Wonder Woman 5:30 Trey Songz battousai R&B
Sexy Lady 3:44 Yung Berg Yung Berg
Cupid - Do Yo Dance 3:30
The Salmon Dance (Chemical Brothers) 2:57

Sergei Essenine

Sing, old man, to the bloody guitar, and
Let your fingers show natural bent.
I would choke in this drunken enchantment
You’re my last and my only friend.

Don’t you look at her wrist and the blooming
Silky shawl hanging down her head.
I was looking for joy in this woman
But I found perdition instead.

I did not know that love was infection,
I did not know that love was a plague.
She just came and feigning affection
Drove the rowdy mad, no mistake.

Sing and let me remember, brother,
Our fidgety youthful whirl.
Let her kiss, pet and fondle another,
Ah, this beautiful wicked girl!

No, no, wait. I don’t blame her or bully.
No, no, wait. I don’t damn or disgrace.
Let me sing now about yours truly
To the sound of this string of base.

Rosy vault of my days is streaming.
I’ve got plenty of golden dreams.
I have petted so many young women,
Touched and squeezed them, governed by whims.

Yes! There is bitter truth of the world
When a child I caught sight of that truth:
Troops of hounds, excited and wild,
Taking turns lick a bitch all in juice.

Why be jealous of her? I don’t get.
Being sick would mere pretext.
Our life is just bed-sheet and bed.
Our life is a kiss and a vortex.

Sing , old man! In the fateful sphere
Of these hands is a fated end.
Tell them all to f… out of here.
I will never be dead, my friend.

1922 (Cergej Jesenjin)

jeudi 13 mars 2008

Je l'adoore

A movie I love

Yesterday I saw a french movie; LISA. I loved it so much that I had to do a poem on it. The movie is great, you should see it. It's with Marion Cotillard. The story is about a sick orphan girl named Lisa who falls in love with an actor named Sylvain Marceau, in the time of World War II. Some fourty years after, a guy named Sam (who strangely looks as Sylvain) decides to do a movie about it. This movie is Intense.


How many years have passed since we last kissed?
My memory’s getting older but I still remember
My love, it was just before you were arrested
And taken away from the touch of my finger

My stomach ached, my head was spinning
Both legs were falling under me
But all that I felt was the tearing of my heart
Oh! My love it was my fault, my fault

I didn’t have kids after you, it was impossible
Somewhere in me, I always hoped you’ll return
Oh! Day after they, Then, Now and Forever
Drowning in my tears, thinking of your smile, your skin, your blue eyes

I remember those days when we first met
Those young days full of promises for us
You were a magnificent dancer, and me, a talented learner
Oh! I remember the feeling of your breath upon my neck

But I’m old now. My skin has taken the scars of my life.

Still a minute more and I will sleep well.
Still a little minute more for a whole existence without you.
Still a second more and we’ll be together
Me and you immortal forever.

A poem

This is a poem I wrote for my english class. I did it in 10 minutes just before the class. You can see that school inspires me :)


On the board of love
There is unused chalks
Dusty erasers and blurry traces

Tick, Tack
The time passes
Tick, Tack
When does it end?

A minute is whole existence
A second, a memory

Dring! I'm out, searching for you
My heart needs its drug
Your eyes made me addicted
And your touch drains my blood